Doctor Insano
Bob Bob Orb
Bound to this steel throne,
I rue the world with my stare.
Power shall be mine!

Bob managed to secure a position as an intern in Sane Tek Inc, the company the fronts Doctor Insano’s commercial inventions. One day while visiting the Insano Compound, he discovered Doctor Insano’s underground lab. After some exploring he discovered the main computer of the lab. He then proceeded to tinker with the machine, and attempted to access it by means of an unauthorized device. His attempts failed, and the device backfired and transferred his mental functions into the computer, leaving his body in a vegetative state. He wasn’t totally disconnected from his body though. He could still see through his eyes, and make his body grunt and groan, but otherwise he could no longer control it.

He was found by Sparky who, realizing something was wrong with him, arranged to have some lab assistant robots put his body in a life support chair, then went and got the doctor.

Doctor Insano discovered the remains of the device but was unable at that time to determine how it worked. The Doctor also discovered that Bob’s mind was trapped in the Insano Mainframe and also discovered the mental connection that Bob maintained with his body. The Doctor has since made a hobby out of trying to extract Bob’s mind without damaging it.

In the mean time, Sparky was given the task of taking care of Bob.

Bob, meanwhile, has become extremely embittered about his current condition, but is also very grateful for the help that the doctor has provided him.

The Good Doctor has found that there are some things that Bob in his computer state is better at doing than the AI's (artificial intelligence) that he created to run the automated parts of the Insano Compound, and these tasks he has handed off to Bob.

When Bob is not busy with the running of the Insano Compound, or trying free his mind, he busies himself by planning on ways he can conquer the world without a body, or simply watches TV. Lots of TV....