Doctor Insano

They say I don’t care.
I would say that’s not fair.
This is just my way,
how I make it through the day.

Why work nine to five,
like bees in a hive,
when you can bend space and time,
and skip all that grime?

Doctor Insano is a Professor Emeritus of The Archaic University (AU). The Good Doctor is also the Chief Scientist and Chief Executive Officer of Sane Tek Industries where he is constantly churning out new inventions solely dedicated to the betterment of humanity as a whole. Honest. Betterment for all, that's all. Really....

He's not a MAD Doctor either! (Well, not MAD in the krazy sort of way) Let’s not perpetrate a stereotype now. He IS a brilliant scientist. That’s a fact. See the lab coat? Dead giveaway. And sure, he's got Insano in the name, has that white puffy hair, is a touch bit forgetful, and wears that lab coat all the time – but that doesn’t mean he’s a MAD scientist! No! No! No! Let’s just say he approaches things with a view from a different angle…. Sometimes, a very different angle.

He has a fantastic family! He’s happily married. Absolutely. Why else would he stay in his lab 24/7? Because not everyone has a garage.

He has absolutely wonderful kids: John and Polly! The absolute best kind too! Away, at college, and out the house! Don’t forget those relatives that just won’t go away either. Take Rupert for example. He’s dead. Been dead for… one, two, three… bunches of thousands of years! But still, he’s hanging on in his silver trailer at the edge of town.

So, between teaching his one class at AU, overseeing his inventions at Sane Tek, and looking after his family, he’s tends to be a very busy man.

That doesn’t keep him from playing with giant robots though….