Doctor Insano

Bastard prince of a forgotten king,
wisdom from around the world I bring,
but what use is that now?
No one asks me how
but when the Porcelain thrones gifts cling!

** Ummm... yeah. Kinda rough.
    Still polishing the translation!

Rupert's origins are a little murky.  It is believed he is an ancient propagator of the Insano line.  He generally stays out of the way of his contemporaries, preferring to remain in his small silver trailer, and tell stories of old to the children of his community - well, the children who aren't terrified of him!

He speaks in a low guttural growl, and often slips into an ancient language of sorts no one can understand, especially when he is annoyed.

He his fond of traveling, and has even commissioned his own line of postcards showing him hanging out at various international landmarks throughout time.

There is much more to Rupert than being a mummy. He has power unknown to anyone, and will take measures to protect those of his lineage.  Often, unpredictable measures...